Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Celebrate the Monsoon Festival

About celebrate the Monsoon Festival at Bukit Gambang Resort City.

Bukit Gambang Resort City, 31 October 2010 - The first and largest premier integrated destination resort on the East Coast of Malaysia, Bukit Gambang Resort City (BGRC), will be having its first ever Monsoon Festival from 17 November to 5 December 2010.

The Monsoon Festival will be filled with fun and exciting activities for all guests. 

During the festival, activities will be organized on a daily basis at the Caribbean Bay Suites as well as their Bukit Gambang Water Park to ensure their guests’ stay is filled with enjoyment.

A pinch of competitiveness is added to make the games more interesting. Be it rain or shine, guests are assured to have plenty to do during their stay. The games are organised at Caribbean Bay Suites which include Kids Coloring Competition, Foosball Competition, Shoot The Hoop Challenge, Galah Panjang, King of Hammer Competition & Pillow Fight.

The Chef will also demonstrate his skills in Ice Carving sessions for guests on a weekly basis during this Monsoon Festival.

Games and activities of thrills and spills which will be organized at Bukit Gambang Water Park during the Monsoon Festival will include Lucky Duck, Family Sand Castle, Beach Volleyball, Water Polo, Beach Soccer, Snake & Ladder, Water Pipe Game, Limbo Rock & Racer Slide Challenge.

Activities similar to theSongkranfestival will also be held on 27 and 28 November 2010.

With fun guaranteed and cash prizes awaiting winners, in addition to family oriented games, competitive races will be organised offering total prizes worth RM25,000.

These events include  Family & Friends Explorace, BGRC Wild Conquest and BGRC Ultimate Challenge, are also being lined up during the festival to cater for the competitive audiences out there.

Family & Friends Explorace, on Sunday, 21 November is an event for family and friends to get together and work as a team to build a better and stronger bonding among themselves by actively turning teamwork into results. The objective of this Family & Friends Explorace is for each team to reach an undisclosed destination by solving riddles and mind boggling puzzles. The teams need to engage their minds and bodies to communicate and brainstorm with team members in solving the puzzles and riddles in order to get them to the next mystery location within the vicinity of Bukit Gambang Resort City.

BGRC Wild Conquest  on Sunday, 28 November is a multi-disciplinary team wilderness race organized and designed by Bukit Gambang Resort City to showcase the spectacular natural rainforest of Bukit Gambang, Pahang. Taking place in the outback of Bukit Gambang, participants will be challenged by the treacherous terrain of the jungle, running downhill and uphill, overcoming obstacles, running in ankle deep streams and crossing a lake. Physical ability alone will not be enough to succeed in this race. Tactics, good partnership, perseverance and courage will be the determining factor of victory. The competition will be divided into male and female team categories.

BGRC Ultimate Challenge on Sunday, 5 December is a cross country race to be held on the last day of the Monsoon Festival. Racers will be challenged by the treacherous terrain of Bukit Gambang forest, running downhill and uphill of the jungle track. The race, divided into individual male & female categories will test the level of your physical endurance and psychological determination.

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